Phanar is not the Vatican. In which status was Patriarch Bartholomew invited as to Ukrine?

The head of the State Service for Ethnic Policy and Freedom of Conscience, Elena Bogdan, met with the head of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, to discuss measures related to the preparation of the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew. This once again emphasizes that the visit of the head of the Phanar is connected with the interests of only one religious organization. And we see how government officials of different levels are involved in serving these interests, writes Pravblog.

“Patriarch Bartholomew is not the head of any state, so that his visit could be formalized as a state one. For example, when Pope John Paul II came, he acted as the head of the Vatican in relations with the Ukrainian state.

Phanar is not the Vatican. Therefore, the question arises: who was Patriarch Bartholomew invited to Ukraine to celebrate a state holiday? As a civil servant in Turkey?

Or as the head of the OCU (as written in the tomos)? But then it is obvious discrimination against other religious organizations and the granting of unreasonable privileges to the OCU, ”writes the Telegram channel.

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