The OCU Synod told how it suffers because of the oppression from the UOC

The Synod of the OCU had a meeting on May 24, 2021. They unexpectedly came out with theses about “numerous systematic manifestations of informational, legal and forceful pressure from the supporters of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine on the communities, clergy and faithful of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine”. In addition, “their seizure of churches of the OCU communities or the creation of communities OCU obstacles in the use of temples and other property”. The misadventures of the OCU in Ukraine are mentioned in a statement on the official website of the new church structure.

It also turned out that the OCU is outraged by the seizure of “their” churches by the canonical Church.

“The Holy Synod expresses indignation at the widespread practice of seizing churches of the OCU communities in Ukraine by the supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate, obstruction of the use of their property by OCU communities and the performance of divine services, informational, legal and forceful pressure of ROC supporters in Ukraine on OCU communities and their individual members, spreading lies about conflicts in which the OCU communities are involved by the supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate,” the message says.

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