Phanar theologian reacted painfully to the statement of the Serbian Patriarch

Theologian, Archimandrite Phanar Romanos Anastasiadis, known for his active support for the policy of the Church of Constantinople, said that “only thanks to the Ecumenical Patriarchate the primates of the Serbian Church can be called patriarchs and canonicity is based on him,” writes the DFN.

“His Beatitude Mr. Porfiry forgets that he is called and recognized as a “patriarch” thanks to the Patriarchal and Synodal Tomos of the Ecumenical Patriarch Meletios, published in 1920. Today Mr. Porfiry comes and proudly speaks of the “canonical order” and “Holy canons”, turning the fire against the same institution on which the regularity of himself and his Church is based,” the archimandrite wrote on Facebook.

“Shamelessness, anger, horse audacity … A big fall … The mournful hymn is mentioned once again: “And the unjust Judas …” But the end of Judas is known,” summed up the Phanariot.

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