“In the OCU they promised me to chip in 1000,” cleric Drabinko told about his sufferings in the UOC

The former cleric of the UOC, Priest Yevgeny Zotov, who had just transferred to the diocese of the hierarch of the OCU, Alexander Drabinko, said what forced him to take this step. He “suffered” for a year at the parish, where he was appointed and not provided with financial support, and therefore decided to go to the OCU.

“In the OCU I was received as a brother. The local dean, who is subordinate to lord Epiphany, supports me. He came to my service with his choristers and supported me morally, and so supported. I still have debts, and he said that it’s okay if we don’t find some kind of sponsor, the priests will simply throw in 1000 hryvnias and close this issue. All the same, fraternal support,” said Evgeny Zotov to the DFU, adding how he suffered in the UOC.

“The Moscow Patriarchate has no future in Ukraine. It’s not even because of their ideology or national identity. This is because of their leadership. Relationship to your own clergy. They believe that the three of them can survive: Onuphry (Berezovsky), Anthony (Pakanych) and Vadim (Novinsky). So they think that three of them are enough, and all that can be ignored. This is not only my opinion, this is the opinion of many dean priests. But many are afraid,” added the OCU cleric.

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