In Moshkiv the UOC builds a temple to replace the one captured by schismatics

The Orthodox community in honor of the Archangel of God Michael of the Moshkiv village of the Rivne diocese of the UOC began to build a new church instead of the previous one, seized by representatives of the schism. The Charitable Foundation “Favor” reported this.

The church was taken away from the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the village of Moshkiv back in 2018.

At first, the believers prayed in the open air in a stretched tent. Over time, they managed to find a rural house in which services are temporarily held. One of the rooms of the house is set aside for the altar, and in the other one is for praying. The community managed to start building on its own. For today, the foundation of the future temple has already been poured. The walls will be built before the summer.

In April 2020, the Foundation purchased and handed over materials for the construction of the roof. The organization continues to fundraise for the purchase of temple windows. The required amount is 90,000 UAH. Donations can be made on the fund’s website, or on the Privatbank card: 5169 3305 3004 7445 marked “MOSHKIV”.

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