The OCU continues to deny the obvious failure with Filaret

The speaker of the “OCU” Yevstratiy Zorya tried to neutralize an event unpleasant for this structure in the form of registration of the “Vicariate of the UOC-KP in the USA and Canada”.

From his point of view, this event is just a “fly” from which they are trying to make an “elephant”.

His main argument is that the registration was made not by the US government, but by one of the states. Therefore, this does not reflect any special attitude of the American authorities to the Filaret`s structure.

In fact, the essence of the event is not at all about the level at which the registration was made. And the attitude of the United States really has nothing to do with it.

The main trouble for the OCU is that Filaret is gradually building a parallel structure in relation to the OCU. After all, the aforementioned “vicariate” associates itself with the Ukrainian “Kyiv Patriarchate”.

If Zorya considers this “vicariate” to be some kind of new structure, it only underlines the fact that Denisenko is able to expand his structure at the expense of the Ukrainian diaspora. Which, by the way, cannot be done by the “OCU” itself, since according to the “tomos” it is forbidden to create foreign parishes.

And whatever one may say, it is a split within a split. In addition, the speakers of the OCU are trying with all their might to conceal this fact, pretending that these are all “flies” that have not grown to become an “elephant”.

But Filaret’s departure from the “OCU” together with a group of parishes and a certain number of clergy is not some petty misunderstanding, it is a powerful blow to the mythology carefully constructed by the Phanar creature about its canonicity and “unifying” potential. And if Denisenko and his “Kyiv Patriarchate” were really so marginal, as Zorya believes, then the speakers of the “OCU” would not have to “sweat” so much to convince the Ukrainians that they have no split, and Filaret allegedly continues to remain in as part of the “OCU”! (This is as much as you need to consider your parishioners idiots in order to deny the obvious).

And to fill in: the “OCU” like to repeat that the UOC for 30 years did not go to negotiations. Now it’s our turn to ask – how are you there, have you already agreed with Filaret? Give it a try and we’ll see how you do it.


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