Not a transition, but a “unification”: a priest from Farbovanny explained why he left for OCU

Priest Yevgeny Zotov from the village of Farbovannoe in the Kiev region, said that he “united” with the Pereyaslavsko-Vishnevsk eparchy of the OCU with another community that does not belong to the UOC, and this was not a transition. But these people rarely go to the temple, he told RP.

“There are inaccuracies regarding the transition, because it was not a community transition, but an annexation. That is, this is not the dozen from the parish council. That existed in the parish until now. As an abbot, I created another ten, ”he explained.

“I decided to just gather new people from those who helped me in the parish during this year,” the priest explained, adding that the parishioners are local people.

However, he says, these people rarely go to the temple: “Yes, but this is because this is the administration, these are farmers, teachers, people who run the household. They don’t always have time to be in the temple. But they constantly communicate with me, come to church, although they rarely come.”

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