The OCU speaker called residents of Zabolotye beaten by raiders “brought mercenaries”

The speaker of the OCU “Archbishop” Yevstratiy Zorya presented on Facebook his version of the beating of the believers of the UOC community in the village Zabolotye of the Rivne region by raiders from his structure.

“The community belongs to the OCU, the temple belongs to the OCU community, the plot is used by the OCU community,” says Zorya, without explaining when this “community” arose in the village and how old the temple is.

“Supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate broke into the territory. Mostly they were mercenaries. Controlled by the well-known servant of the MP Zemlyanyi – a defendant in criminal proceedings Local police representatives, on the basis that supporters of the MP provoked a conflict and tried to seize the temple in the OCU communities, deprived the COMMUNITY of the right to use its own property and perform divine services. Which is very similar to a preliminary agreement,” complains Zorya, sharing also her experience of how he himself seized the church of the UOC community in the Chernihiv region.

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