The OCU banned congratulating Filaret on his anniversary, – social networks

Epiphany Dumenko forbade the bishops and priests of the OCU to congratulate Filaret on a unique jubilee – the 55th anniversary of his service at the Kyiv cathedra, despite the fact that he slyly calls him “honorary patriarch”. He himself did not come, and did not allow to others.

The clergymen of the OCU are afraid even to cross the threshold of the patriarchal residence, since they may immediately lose the parish. The informers closely watch and report it to Epiphany.

Secondly, since the jubilee falls on the day of memory of the holy Great Martyr Metropolitan of Kyiv, Metropolitan Makariy, the episcopate and priests are forbidden even to worship the incorruptible relics of St. Metropolitan, since they rest in the Volodymyr Cathedral Patriarchal Cathedral of Kyiv, where Filaret serves.

All this is also being watched not only by Epiphany, but also by his servants – so that not a single cleric of the OCU comes to the sanctuary at this time.


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