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UOC-KP parishioner in US accuses former vicariate leadership of fraud

A letter signed by a parishioner of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States, a representative of the Sisterhood of St. Olga Ivanka Khomchyshyn, who accused the former leadership of the Filaret`s Vicariate in the United States of fraud and misappropriation of charitable funds, was published on Facebook. The money collected by the diaspora was supposed to go to the Ukrainian army, but did not reach the recipients and did not appear in the public report.

“Despite the official statements about money circulation, I am quite skeptical about how transparent church accounting is. By my suspicions, I mean several years of events that have taken place over at least five years. After all, it turned out that to reliably assess the turnover of funds in the Vicariate of the United States and Canada under the previous Secretary Prot. Victor Polar is impossible. This creates a basis for speculation and speculation… Virtuous parishioners collected considerable sums. However, bypassing the previously announced noble goal, the funds miraculously settled in the Carpathian Mountains in the form of a big house. Assistance in these machinations of prot. Victor was composed by Mr. Yaresko himself,” Ivanka Khomchyshyn writes.

“I am sad to say that the Vicariate has been robbed and deceived. The hope for the former secretary, who was to carry out the mission of moderator between donors and the needy, did not come true. The situation with Father Victor is reminiscent of a fairy tale, where an insatiable woman was left at the end near her own broken empty trough. I will not rejoice at the unfortunate moments of the recent past. On the contrary, I am sad that such situations have taken place among the Ukrainian community in the United States,” the letter reads.

As previously reported, the leadership of the vicariate of the UOC-KP in the United States stated that, contrary to the tomos, it goes under the jurisdiction of the OCU. However, Filaret appointed a new leader in the United States and Canada and registered his structure in North America under the US law.

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