Believers of the UOC in the village of Hrybovytsya built a new church for themselves, instead of the one captured by the schismatics

A lot of people gathered for the first liturgy of the Holy Intercession community in the village of Hrybovytsya, Volyn region, in a new church built within the program “40 churches” of the “Favor” charity foundation. In the premises of the temple, people managed to pray for the first time since 2015, UOJ informs.

“This is the great mercy of God, we still cannot get used to the thought that everything turned out so well for our community,” archpriest Ihor Margita, rector of the UOC parish in Hrybovytsya, commented on the joyful event.

A year ago, the priest allocated his own plot of land for the future church, which one of the elderly parishioners bequeathed to his family.

Before the service, archpriest Ihor Margita addressed his parishioners with congratulations and gratitude for their support, including financial. Only by the efforts of believers and with the help of patrons was it possible so quickly to restore the normal course of life of the Orthodox community in Hrybovytsya. Until that day, starting in September 2015, the believers, from whom the UOC-KP took the church, gathered for prayer in the church house where the priest and his family live.

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