The split in the OCU is finalized – in the American jurisdiction

The “Kyiv Patriarchate” was restored de jure. So far, in the United States, where the American government has registered the statutory documents of the “Vicariate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate in the United States and Canada.”

Thus, the split within the “OCU” is now legally formalized, and Epiphany Dumenko can no longer claim that Filaret and his structure somehow remain within the “OCU”. This was understandable before, but with each such fact, it will be more and more difficult for the speakers of the OCU to create a “parallel reality”.

Of course, it will not be easy for Filaret’s lawyers to restore the registration of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Ukraine (if it is at all possible), but they have already taken the first step. In any case, Denisenko can always register a new structure. And the authorities have no legal reason to deny him such registration.

Once again, the OCU split almost immediately after its creation. The Phanar project suffered a deafening collapse, which other Local Orthodox Churches cannot fail to notice. Instead of uniting at least the schismatic structures, their new separation took place.

At the moment, Filaret has more than 10 “bishops” and a sufficient number of parishes to ensure the reproduction and functioning of the new “Kiev Patriarchate” for many years and even decades. Even after his death, the “UOC-KP” will not disappear anywhere and will continue to exist.

These are the results of the “uniting” activity of Patriarch Bartholomew.


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