Capable of any abomination and crime

The OCU announced that the UOC “is raging its churches”. The speaker of the schismatics Yevstratiy Zorya crossed all the boundaries of not only common sense, but also of cynicism. He simply turned the situation upside down and said that it was the UOC massively “seizing the churches” of his organization.

From the outside it looks like this. The rapist, committing an abomination to his victim, yells that he is being raped.

If anyone had any hopes that it would be possible to try to conduct some kind of dialogue with the OCU, then after Zorya`s words these hopes can be considered insignificant. The OCU showed that it is capable to any manipulations, abominations and crimes in order to destroy the UOC.

We remind to the speaker of the OCU one of the episodes of “the seizure of the church by the supporters of the UOC”: the raiders of the OCU “beat mercilessly, until their victims lost consciousness, with clubs, fists and feet.”

But even this, we are sure, will not embarrass him. He will say, for example, that it was a “provocation”, that the believers of the UOC “disguised themselves as supporters of the “OCU” and beat themselves up.” After all, lying is always easier than defending the truth.



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