Pushing towards the autocephaly

A number of resources close to the “OCU” and the UGCC fanned out the publication of the sociologist Andrei Yeremenko.

It states that two sociological companies organized a survey on the topic of confessional affiliation. Allegedly, the results are as follows. For “Gradus”, which indicated the UOC as the UOC-MP in the list of confessions, the number of those who identified themselves as the canonical Church was 7 percent. At the same time, similar indicators of Activ Group (it used the official name – UOC, without adding the words “Moscow Patriarchate”) reached 27 percent.

As Yeremenko emphasized, the definition of “MP” reduces the level of positive answers by almost 4 times.

Our comment:

There is nothing surprising in the promotion of such studies.

First, we have known that the results of such polls are not in good agreement with reality. Indeed, on paper many times it turned out that the UOC had very few believers, but in practice the same processions of the canonical Church in their scale overlapped the processions of schismatics dozens of times.

You should also pay attention to the fact that resources that are hostile to the UOC are actively “spinning” this publication.

Secondly, the corresponding post appeared at a time when materials about the allegedly impending autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church began to “surface” in the media from time to time.

In the context of this, the aforementioned publication and its promotion by the media resources of the enemies of the UOC may well act as a “tool” for promoting autocephalous sentiments within this confession (they say, look how many supporters you will have if you abandon your spiritual connection with the ROC).

It is clear that it would be beneficial for the OCU and the UGCC to immerse the UOC in an autocephalous discourse. After all, this question splits the canonical Church and undermines its unity. In addition, this is exactly what the opponents of the UOC need, who, after the futility of attempts to destroy it with the help of external pressure, apparently began to stake on the formation of internal factors of destabilization of the UOC.


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