The hierarch of the Georgian Church commented on the scandalous events in his eparchy

Metropolitan Stefan of Chkondidsky held a press conference, at which he outlined his position regarding the “rebellion” of a number of local clergy, writes “Echo of the Caucasus”.

The press conference of the new Metropolitan Stefane only added to the questions, the newspaper writes.

“I have no supporters, I have a parish,” said the newly appointed Metropolitan of Chkondid Stefa, commenting on the scandalous events in the eparchy entrusted to him.

According to Metropolitan Stephen, what is happening in the Chkondid eparchy cannot be regarded otherwise than as a violation of all church canons, and his decision to remove deacons who refused to obey from the ministry should not raise doubts among anyone familiar with church laws:

“No one can tell me or prove that I was aggressive with anyone in any of the episodes. I only asked the deacons to fulfill their duty of ministry in the church, that is, primarily to serve the bishop. The duty of deacons is primarily to participate in the ministry of the primate, and the primate must know with whom he is dealing. When I first arrived, I did not meet a single deacon, but it turned out that there were five deacons. Two of them categorically refused to meet with me, one of them put certain conditions on me. As a result, I was forced to stop their ministry, they left me no other way,” he said.

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