Phanar`s media reported about a fight between a bishop and a professor of the Georgian Church

Bishop of the Georgian Patriarchate Simeon Tsakashvili and his associates had a conflict with the clergyman of the Tbilisi Archdiocese and professor of the church school Teimuraz Tatarashvili. Father Teimuraz was seriously injured, reports, website which is close to the Phanar.

Teimuraz had a scheduled meeting with Metropolitan of Ruisi and Urbnisi, Job, in the offices of the Diocese of the Georgian Church, and he spoke sharply about Bishop Simeon. Bishop Simeon did not like this, and he attacked Father Teimuraz.

After the clash, Bishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church Simeon and his associates left the scene, while Father Teimuraz left with a beaten face.

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