What can the call of the Ministry of Culture for dialogue on the UOC mean?

Commenting on the call for dialogue on the issue of renaming the UOC, Minister of Culture and Information Policy Alexander Tkachenko, Pravblog writes that the authorities could have bet on “chatting up” the problem.

“How successful such a dialogue will be is a big question. After all, it is one thing to hold it at the site of the President’s Office, which is more or less objective on this topic. And it is quite another matter to discuss the problem on the basis of the Cabinet of Ministers, whose head openly supports the “OCU”. And Tkachenko himself is a longtime supporter of the Dumenko organization, and also has close contacts with Phanar.

Taking into account the above, it is possible that certain forces in the government could stake on “chatting up” the problem and gaining time. After all, it is worth remembering that the call was made against the background of the expected arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine, as well as preparations for large-scale international initiatives as part of the festive events in August.

In the context of this, the authorities really do not need a “picture” of mass and long-term demonstrations of believers in defense of their rights. And so she just needs to buy time.

On the one hand, under the guise of “dialogue”, it is possible to painlessly continue to prepare the ground for a decisive strike against the UOC. On the other hand, having reached the end of the August events, already in a more acceptable and understandable (after a possible meeting between Biden and Putin), to tackle a radical solution to the “church issue”,” writes the Telegram channel.

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