The version of social networks: where was Zorya “hidden” during Blinken’s visit?

The end of the career of homegrown “church diplomats…”

Everyone noticed that while the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited the Mikhailovsky Golden-Domed Monastery, near the head of the Greek Metropolis of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko was neither the ubiquitous Yevstratiy Zorya, who invented the title of “Minister of Foreign Affairs of the OCU”, nor the co-owner of the First Brewery (an enterprise of Russian money), Andrei Matsola. He is known as Poroshenko`s person who controls the OCU.

At the same time, two years ago, these scandalous persons were in the Epiphany`s delegation in Washington, and during the visit of the previous US Secretary of State Pompeo to Kyiv, they proudly sat at the meeting, like major statesmen.

What happened? As we learned from the entourage of Epiphany Dumenko, this was a direct order from the US Embassy in Ukraine.

“Epiphany wanted to add Zorya and Matsola to the list of those who meet Secretary of State Blinken this time too. But the US Embassy deleted them from the lists and categorically ordered that during the visit of the distinguished American guest these persons should not be at all not only on the territory of the monastery, but also in Kyiv. Such categoricalness of the US representatives is due to the fact that they became aware of the smuggling tricks of Zorya with antimentions in the US and his intrigues against the local hierarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople Elpidophoros, but Matsola was blacklisted by the US because of his connections with criminals and Russian capital. At the US Embassy, ​​after visiting Pompeo in Kyiv, where the brewer behaved like the right hand of Epiphany, they carefully studied his biography and were horrified. Considering all this, Epiphany was told in an ultimatum: that there should be no Yevstratiys` or Matsolas` shadows near Blinken,” said our source among the head of the OCU.

According to the source, this upset Epiphany very much, and he addressed the Office of the President of Ukraine a request to help shove the scandalous Zorya and Matsola into his representation. There they just threw up their hands. Then Yevstratiy and Matsola decided that their blocking was a secret affair of the Office of the President of Ukraine (they were strongly convinced of this by the Poroshenko headquarters, which provides intellectual and PR support to the OCU).

Yevstratiy Zorya decided to take revenge on the OPU for such humiliation and launched an information duck that allegedly the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak opposed Epiphany’s meeting with Blinken.

This, of course, deeply surprised Yermak, because it formed the outline of the entire information campaign that was launched against him before Blinken’s visit, accusing him of being pro-Russian. Representatives of the OPU were even forced to refute the fabrications of the OCU. Until that time, Yermak contributed to the OCU, but here Epiphany and Yevstratiy stabbed him in the back.

In fact, the visit of US Secretary of State Blinken was not to Epiphany, but to the monastery, where there is a stele with photographs of those killed during the Russian-Ukrainian war. And it was precisely the fallen Ukrainian heroes that the American guest bowed to and lit a candle.

Epiphany this time performed a purely protocol-sham function. Meet, navigate and light candles. No negotiations or conversations, except for a greeting. In this, Blinken’s visit is fundamentally different from Pompeo`s arrival at the monastery.

Of course, the PR people of the OCU are trying to inflate this, as if the US Secretary of State almost specially flew to Ukraine to Epiphany. But this is all fiction and lies. The United States is already disappointed, both by Epiphany himself and by his disastrous two years at the head of the OCU.


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