Epiphany: “Patriarch Filaret will come to his senses”

The head of the OCU “metropolitan” Epiphany Dumenko hopes that the “honorary patriarch” Filaret Denisenko “will not render destructive actions, spread Russian fakes, but will come to his senses,” reports the SFU.

“Unfortunately, Patriarch Filaret chose such a destructive path, but I am convinced that with God’s help he will change his mind and in the future will participate, nevertheless, in the development of the already recognized Church, and not hinder this path,” Epiphany said.

“When all of us Orthodox Ukrainians unite around Kyiv, our spiritual capital, then we will lay claim to patriarchy. And the honorary patriarch Filaret said this repeatedly at the beginning. And now it looks strange that he has chosen such a position,” says a former locum tenens of Filaret.

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