On the real attitude of “OCU” to Zelensky

We continue to analyze the recent interview of Epiphany.

Answering on the air of Poroshenko’s “5th Channel”  to a question about his relationship with Zelensky, the head of the OCU tried to choose his words carefully so as not to offend either the lobbyist of his structure or the president of the country (who, as you know, are positioned as competitors in the public space). However, at some point, Dumenko could not restrain himself and a phrase sounded out of his mouth that quite clearly speaks of the real attitude of the leader of Ukrainian schismatics to the guarantor of the Constitution. According to Epiphany, the OCU just has to (!) communicate with Zelensky.

Poor one, it “has to.” A very interesting and revealing word. Which once again proves that no matter how Zelensky tries to please a certain electoral group, whose interests are also expressed by the OCU, he will never become close for them.


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