The UOC-KP is sad about the content of Epiphany’s interview

Indeed, PR specialists from Poroshenko’s headquarters, various Pavlenkos (who only recently learned what is the Cross, and have already become the “creators” of the Church) who supervise Epiphany Dumenko and the informational direction of the Greek Metropolis of the OCU, I would like to ask. Please, do not take him on air anymore, especially such as it was with the interview on Channel 5.

Because everyone will understand, that Epiphany not only lacks intelligence, elementary theological knowledge, but also a liar and an unbelieving person. Let him just puff out his cheeks and be silent. Which he did constantly, walking like a shadow behind Filaret’s back.

Don’t give Moscow another reason to mock us.

Or has your boss Poroshenko already decided to change the head of his private OCU and appoint Yevstratiy Zorya as the new primate? Or the old version pulled out – to put his fellow countryman Vinnitsa Metropolitan Simeon Shostatsky behind the wheel of the confession?

That is why you bring Epiphany to the interview so that “his foolishness is known to everyone”?


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