Yurash: Beatings of UOC believers are filmed “for pictures”

The head of the department for religion in the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Yurash claims that the beating of believers of the UOC was filmed in order to “create a picture”, and the old men and ladies themselves were incited by the priests of the UOC against the OCU. He stated this on the air “Detector. Interviewer”.

“And here … I’m talking about the shepherds who deliberately bring out these grandmothers and grandfathers not in order to really feel the grace of God in a fight, but in order to create a picture. To show this as a kind of argument in the global ideological confrontation that we have,” said Yurash.

He added that he had repeatedly heard and seen such arguments at various international platforms, in particular at the UN and OSCE. “No matter how much it is filmed, international experts and organizations are able to understand the situation,” said Yurash.

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