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  5. The OCU criticized that the UOC is bringing the Holy Fire to Ukraine

The OCU criticized that the UOC is bringing the Holy Fire to Ukraine

OCU criticized the fact that the Holy Fire will be brought to Ukraine today. We would not separately raise the topic of the OCU and the Holy Fire separately. However, the manipulation of the speaker of the Epiphany organization leaves us no other choice, writes “Pravblog”.

Explaining the fact that the “OCU” will receive fire only on Sunday, Zorya focused on the inexpediency of spending large sums in order to “bring the Holy Light” to Ukraine just a few hours earlier. Also, the representative of the “OCU” noted that “it is blasphemous in attempts to bind to the Holy Light the recognition or denial of the action of God’s grace in the church.”

Behind these manipulative words, Zorya is trying to hide one very unpleasant fact for his organization. Namely, the non-recognition of the “OCU” by the Jerusalem Patriarchate as a Church in which God’s grace operates, and, as a result, the prevention of Ukrainian schismatics from receiving the Holy Fire from the hands of Patriarch Theophilus.

In this regard, Zora needs to raise the question not of spending money, but of what roundabout ways, stealthily, “OCU” will receive fire. And give him an honest answer. If, of course, you have enough conscience and courage.

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