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The OCU again began to talk about itself as a “Mother Church for Moscow”

The Moscow Patriarchate has no right to keep its chronology from the time of the baptism of Volodymyr, because “the Ukrainian Church is the mother for the ROC.” The head of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, informed the audience about this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“If we delve into history, then, in fact, where is the center of Russian Orthodoxy? Exactly where the baptism of Rus took place. Is it not here, in the Dnieper on the Kyiv hills? And for them it is very painful, because they need to rewrite all the history that was taken from us during the last centuries of the existence of the Russian Empire. All chronicles were rewritten. Everything was destroyed. And they took them where? To Moscow. They need to start the chronology of their autocephalous existence as a separate Church from the XIV-XV centuries. They do not have the right to start their chronology from the time of Volodymyr’s baptism …Although we received autocephalous status recently, we have long and deep roots. We have been reaching for more than a thousand years at the time when our glorious Kyiv princes tried to create their own independent church,” says the “metropolitan”.

As reported, the historian Vira Chentsova explained in detail to the propagandists of the OCU why she does not understand the attempts to call Kyiv “the Mother Church for the ROC.”

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