How Poroshenko’s headquarters led the funeral service of Vladimir Yavorivsky and hid Yulia Tymoshenko

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The church is “open”, but Rostyslav Pavlenko keeps the keys?

As it became known from the close circle of the head of the Greek Metropolis Epiphany Dumenko, the funeral of the famous writer and public figure Volodymyr Yavorivsky did not pass without politics – it was agreed with the headquarters of Petro Poroshenko!

Epiphany was given their clear command not to participate personally the memorial service for Volodymyr Yavorivsky, who was a member of Yulia Tymoshenko’s party “Batkivshchyna”. She is Poroshenko’s eternal opponent.

They say that this was recommended directly by Poroshenko’s adviser, Rostyslav Pavlenko, on behalf of his patron, who, as you know, is one of the beneficiaries of the OCU.

That is why all the requests of the eternal secretary of Tymoshenko, Mikhail Livinsky, that Epiphany should be at the funeral of an outstanding figure, remained unheard. He was told that Dumenko does not have the opportunity to lead the requiem, and therefore be content with the red-haired Yevstratiy Zorya.

The infamous Yevstratiy Zorya was sent to the funeral service of Yavorivsky in the Vydubitsky monastery (where, by the way, Epiphany Dumenko lives). Why he is not in Chernigov, but in Kyiv, also remains a mystery…

Further more and more interesting. Photos from the funeral service appeared on the official website of the OCU, where there is neither Yulia Tymoshenko, nor the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov, who came to say goodbye to the people’s deputy of five convocations. Although there were few people. And the photographer had to “work hard” to hide the VIPs.

More precisely, the photos first appeared on the site, and then disappeared at someone’s behest. Who is this mysterious censor who did not allow posting photos of Razumkov and Timoshenko on the OCU website? Our sources claim: he is also from Poroshenko`s group.

Perhaps Epiphany would not have sent even Zorya to the funeral, but he was afraid that then the deceased would be carried to the UOC-KP and then Philaret would perform a requiem in the Volodymyr Cathedral. And this would be a failure for a young careerist.

In general, the way Poroshenko’s entourage leads Epiphany and the OCU is simply amazing. Although why be surprised who pays, he calls the tune…

Considering all that above, I would like to warn the writers Dmitry Pavlychko and Pavel Movchan, if you decide to die and want Epiphany to serve your funeral at the OCU, first apply for permission from the headquarters of Petro Poroshenko. Because you can be left without a Christian rite.


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