Anti-mission of the”OCU”

Why the “OCU” will not be able to organize a massive “new wave of changes of jurisdiction” – they do not have the required number of clergy to ensure the full functioning of even their own communities, let alone “swallow” at least a thousand communities of the UOC. Moreover, the priests of the UOC in the absolute majority do not go anywhere and are not going to do so.

In addition, the communities of the UOC are successfully building new churches and preserving their religious liturgical life. While the “OCU” acquires a maximum of nominal parishioners, who, after the seizure of the temple, do not visit this temple so often (it happens, of course, in different ways, but basically this is what happens). That`s why it has the problem of maintaining church premises in the absence of donations.

Therefore, even the support of local authorities does not save the OCU and does not solve the problem of its further development. Because the main foundation for the development of the Church is not the help of those in power, but a deep religious culture, fervent faith and devotion to the Orthodox Tradition. That is, something that “the OCU” does not and cannot have.

Therefore, “the OCU” does not promote the Orthodox faith in Ukraine (in the schism it is, in principle, impossible), but makes every effort to prevent the UOC from doing this. In other words, it plays the role of a “dog in the manger”, carrying out “anti-mission”.

So far, it has managed to keep a certain number of Ukrainians in its orbit, cultivating jingoistic patriotism, but sooner or later the flimsy political foundation without the “reinforcement” of real faith and religiosity will begin to crack and collapse.


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