The authorities promise the Greeks to let them into churches for Easter

Archbishop Jeronyme of Athens and All Hellas arrived at the opening of the exhibition “Looking at Freedom: In the Parliament of Greece Two Hundred Years Later”, where he met with the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. They discussed how they would serve in churches during the Easter period, reports

“We have found a solution, we have agreed with the Prime Minister, we do not want outrage in society. The measures will be respected, but there will be more freedom. I think we will have the opportunity to celebrate Easter in the villages.

The point is not that we want to go, but we are not allowed, the point is that many are afraid of the spread of infection mainly on the islands. Let’s be patient. I hope that everything will be better in May,” the Archbishop said after meeting with the head of government.

About the procession with the Shroud, the Archbishop said, “it will pass around the temple.”

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