OCU supporters seized the UOC temple in the village of Tsvitokha

On April 18, representatives of the OCU fraudulently seized the church of the UOC in the village of Tsvitokha, Khmelnytsky diocese of the UOC. Archpriest Georgy Kimeichuk, the rector of the Holy Paraskevsky Church, informed the Telegram channel “Vitrazh Inform”.

According to him, the supporters of the OCU brought military personnel from the local military unit, without the presence of the villagers, they cut off the locks and entered the temple, after which they changed the locks to their own and set up guards for the night.

“Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you all for forgiveness for not being able to justify your trust! In this regard, dear brothers and sisters, I inform those who remain faithful to Christ and his holy catholic apostolic Church where we have The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) will continue to remain faithful to God! At this hour we are deciding with the parishioners where we will pray to God, because now we are not allowed to visit the temple from which the grace of God has already departed,” said Archpriest George.

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