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  5. The sniper of the “Aydar” battalion became the “deacon” of the OCU

The sniper of the “Aydar” battalion became the “deacon” of the OCU

Former sniper of the “Aydar” battalion Ruslan Kashayuk accepted “deaconhood” in the OCU, according to the Volyn eparchy of the OCU. Before getting to the front line, the “deacon” was a novice in a Crimean monastery, but, in his own words, did not pass the test.

Talking about himself in an interview from 2019, Kashayuk talks about his obedience: “For two years he carried out obedience in a monastery in Crimea. God gives us trials as much as we can bear. And even your abbot won’t let you do more than you can. Because he is responsible for you, and this is, first of all, spiritual responsibility. After a while I was told: “You will not be here. This is not yours. ”

In 2014, he went to the front line as a sniper. He served in the “Aydar” battalion.

Aydar has always been notorious for its neo-pagan traditions. Thus, the neo-pagan movement “Great Fire” openly patronized a separate platoon “White Hammer” as part of the volunteer battalion “Aydar”.

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