OCU rep said that the processions of the cross of the Ukrainians in the UOC are cooperation with the aggressor

“Archbishop” of the OCU Yevstratiy Zorya in an interview with Ukrinform said that the processions of the cross of Ukrainians in the UOC are cooperation with the aggressor, and if these actions “are aimed at undermining the statehood of Ukraine, then the state must respond appropriately.”

“But if there is something more behind this, if – and I am sure that there are those puppeteers who pull these strings while sitting in Moscow – if it becomes known, this is already a question for the state – how to react so that these the strings were cut. The state cannot judge people for their own convictions. But if they take actions, especially in cooperation with the Russian special services, with the aggressor country, aimed at undermining our state, society, undermining peace in Ukraine, then there is no doubt that this has a completely different qualification and should receive a reaction from those who are the people and are endowed with appropriate rights by law,” Zorya shared his thoughts.

“I hope that those who are supposed to do this are doing their job, and all these pro-Moscow measures, all these calls in the spirit of the“ Russian world ”will not lead to anything worse,” the “archbishop” says.

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