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Faith as an advertising product

Once we have seen an advertising clip “OCU”, aimed at information promotion of both the organization itself and its head.

To be honest, this video made an impression. And the question is not even about the quality of the product (everything was filmed quite professionally). We first encountered the direct use of advertising to form the image of a religious organization. Moreover, we have never had to deal with such a clear promotion of “faith” and a specific “denomination” as a brand or product for “spiritual consumption” before.

It’s even somehow hard for us to evaluate all this. On the one hand, the idea of ​​the ideologues of this action is clear. Against the background of various scandals within the OCU, the lack of proper authority of Epiphany at the level of the “episcopate” of this organization, as well as outright raider actions of schismatics against the UOC, the Phanar`s project in Ukraine wants to secure itself a positive image. It is “a church open to all”, and Dumenko – with the status of the head of the “OCU”. On the other hand, the use of advertising for these purposes clearly indicates that this structure thinks of itself more in the context of political technology schemes and approaches than spiritual categories. Which, in principle, is not surprising.

However, the authors of the mentioned initiative did not consider one important point. With such an advertising campaign, they unwittingly confirmed that statements about the widespread support and the large number of “OCU” are an empty phrase. Since the organization, for which some sociological studies are frantically trying to consolidate the status of “the largest confession” in the country, there would be no need for advertising. After all, the latter is used in order to increase something – the level of sales, brand awareness, etc.

This thesis is well supported by the example of the same UOC. The Canonical Church does not need to advertise itself. People, and without any professionally made videos, flood to her temples. It never even occurs to anyone to promote it as a “brand”.

Based on this, certain conclusions suggest themselves. In particular, with regard to where the real Church is, and where is the product of political technology and similar decisions.


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