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  5. The head of the Lavra of the UOC named the real reason why the hieromonk left to the OCU

The head of the Lavra of the UOC named the real reason why the hieromonk left to the OCU

The head of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel, told why, in fact, the former inhabitant of the monastery, hieromonk Innokentiy (Pidtoptanyi), who was banned from serving, left the monastery and ended up in schism. This was reported by the UOJ.

“This is a proud, arrogant, power-hungry person, a person who considers himself a great theologian. Because Pidtoptaniy was offended that for three years he was not appreciated as he would like, and he was not elevated to the rank of archimandrite and bishop,” said lord Pavel. “He wanted to become a bishop in order to satisfy his pride, his passion to own someone’s souls. Therefore, he left the monastery, left to try to become vicar bishop of lord Pitirim (ruling bishop of the Mykolaiv diocese of the UOC, – ed.). But they did not succeed (Archimandrite Varnava was elected as vicar bishop of the Nikolaev diocese).”

Metropolitan Pavel emphasized that not only Pidtoptaniy, but practically everyone who left the UOC and went into schism, did it for the sake of glory and satisfaction of their ambitions.

The hierarch also denies that Pidtoptaniy, as he is now telling in the media, always had autocephalous views and supported the OCU.

“He always treated Drabinko, Simeon (Shostatsky) and even Patriarch Bartholomew himself with contempt,” lord Pavel said. “I know this for sure, because he worked under my leadership, was engaged in the church calendar, website, edited materials. He had no pro-OCU views. Moreover, in communication he showed openly pro-Russian sympathies. Therefore, where did Fr. Innocent’s views appeared so opposite, I personally do not understand. However, this applies to all of them (who transferred to the OCU – ed.).

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