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  5. (UA) Історія ніколи не «залишає без уваги» тих, хто воює проти Церкви, – прот. Олександр Клименко

(UA) Історія ніколи не «залишає без уваги» тих, хто воює проти Церкви, – прот. Олександр Клименко

Ukraine recently passed an electoral verdict to the President who interfered in the religious space. History never “ignores” persons who are fighting against the Church. It is surprising that the incumbent president decided to take advantage of this erroneous policy. Archpriest Alexander Klimenko said this in his interview, reports the Information and Educational Department of the UOC.

According to the priest, after the presidential elections in Ukraine there was hope for the abolition of the anti-church policy, but it did not come true.

“We thought that discriminatory laws that hinder the activities of religious communities would leave with the new President’s office. This did not happen, and in recent months we have seen a sharp change from the non-religiousness declared by Volodymyr Zelensky,” the priest said.

He noted that it is important that believers are provided with an environment in which they can pray peacefully.
Archpriest Alexander Klimenko recalled the situation in villages where raider seizures of churches in the religious communities of the UOC take place, and where neither the central nor the local authorities in any way protect their rights.

According to the priest, “people stop believing that the authorities are capable of anything at all.”

“Because every time we come across the authorities we get regretful misunderstanding, lack of support and lack of realization of our constitutional rights. And people are finally waving at the authorities, ”he explained.

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