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Minister of Justice: Montenegrin government stops humiliation of the Church

The adoption and entry into force of the amended Law on Freedom of Religion marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Montenegro, said the Minister of Justice of the country Vladimir Leposavic. He stated this in a recent interview with the Belgrade newspaper Politika, writes Pravoslavie.ru.

“Now the government is busy solving all other important issues for society, while churches and religious associations began to live freely and without political pressure and manipulation, perhaps for the first time in the history of Montenegro. The new legal acts abolished any possibility of discrimination, and we used the opportunity to improve the list of special religious rights,” the minister emphasizes.

The ministry headed by Leposavich continues to work on the development of relations between the state and the confessions operating in the country. “We are in the process of adopting new bylaws and forming mixed commissions for cooperation with religious associations, whose status and work will be at the highest level,” the minister said.

Touching upon the issue of the absence of an agreement on relations between the government of Montenegro and the Serbian Orthodox Church, Leposavic recalled that the Serbian Orthodox Church is the only traditional Church in the country with which the state has not yet signed a fundamental agreement on cooperation. “We will soon correct this fact of discrimination,” he promised.

The minister said that the Ministry of Justice, together with experts, successfully conducted a dialogue with representatives of the Church and agreed on the text of the future agreement, for the signing of which there are now all the conditions.

“Representatives of the ministry and government of Montenegro stopped the practice of humiliating the Church and first of all made sure that the fundamental agreement was in accordance with the Constitution and the legal order of Montenegro,” Minister Leposavic summed up.

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