The court ordered the RRB to open a case on inciting sectarian hatred during the presidency of Poroshenko

According to ex-MP Igor Mosiychuk, the Shevchenko District Court of Kiev ordered the RRB to resume and fully investigate criminal proceedings related to inciting sectarian hatred during Poroshenko’s presidency, writes Klymenko Time.

It’s about the case, which was opened in November 2019 by the SBU at the request of the parishioners of the “UOC KP” Filaret. In it, they declared the illegal actions of a number of senior officials who committed actions aimed at inciting ethnic hatred during the creation of the OCU. We are talking about a situation when, during the creation of the OCU, the mechanism of liquidation of the “UOC KP” was launched.

Subsequently, the SBU referred the case to the SBI for investigation. And on July 31, 2020, the State Bureau closed Poroshenko’s “religious” case. And about. Director of the State Bureau of Investigation Alexander Sokolov then said that the investigators did not find corpus delicti in the case. Also then Sokolov said that the cancellation of the registration of the “UOC KP” should be considered within the framework of administrative or civil proceedings.

“We cannot say yet what influenced the court in its decision. We are definitely “for” reopening of the investigation. It is possible and necessary to judge Poroshenko for inciting sectarian hatred! In his public pre-election rallies, he deliberately incited, but not at all to the “UOC-KP” – this church structure fell victim to the ambitions of Filaret, who thought that he would get under his control the renewed and recognized Phanar church. But all plans went to pieces and he turned on the back one,” the journalists write.

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