We say: “Hands off our Mother Church!” – Metropolitan Luke

On March 21, thousands of Orthodox Zaporozhians, led by Metropolitan Luka of Zaporozhye and Melitopol, went to the procession to testify their loyalty to the Church and show their readiness to defend their rights. The video reportage of Metropolitan Luke’s sermon is published by “Pershiy Kozatsky”.

“Brothers and sisters, thank you heartily for your prayers.

For the fact that today we were not afraid of anything, nothing frightened us, “Metropolitan Luke said in his sermon.

“Dear ones, the time is difficult. The time is difficult in the sense that the enemy of the human race, through these all sorts of heresies, is again trying to distract us.

Why does he do it? Because, many do not want to study the teachings of the Church. They do not want to know the dogmas of the Church. They think they already know everything. ”

“Today’s religious procession is special. It is special because, my dears, that we have testified to our active civic position. We went out and showed people not only that we are not marginalized, that we are not just a few. We did not come here for money, but to defend our faith …

We clearly say: “Hands off our Orthodox Mother Church!” Hands off we say to all those who raised their hands on It.”

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