Religious procession: to be or not to be?

Today Ukraine and Montenegro are often compared. And there are grounds for this comparison: in both countries there are many Orthodox Christians, the authorities are oriented towards liberal values ​​and anti-church laws have been adopted, the chairman of the Representation of the UOC to European international organizations, Bishop Baryshevsky Viktor (Kotsaba) writes in his Telegram channel.

“In Montenegro, when the time and circumstances required it, the believing people went to the processions of many thousands, which swept the whole country, in Ukraine – not yet. And many people think that it is quite easy to do this – only the call of the hierarchy is needed.

Indeed, if our Primate and the Holy Synod turn to the multimillion flock with a request to protect the Church and Her shrines, many Orthodox believers of our country will go to processions and prayer stances throughout Ukraine. The example of Montenegro has already shown how this can actually happen.

But there is one important point here. In Montenegro, believers did not wait to be called to defend the shrines, but went out on their own. The leadership of the Church did not initiate the processions of the cross, but at some stage simply gave them an organizational character. It was not the call of the hierarchy, but the call of the hearts of the believers of the inhabitants of Montenegro.

The procession should be an expression of the people’s firm and unshakable faith. And we know that our Ukrainian people sacredly keep the faith of their ancestors, which means that the voice of hundreds of thousands of believing hearts can sound overnight. Then the time will come when Orthodox Ukrainians “with one mouth and one heart” will stand up to defend their Church. And there is a feeling that this time is not far off, “the hierarch writes.

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