Ukraine is a country of double denial of its own history

The feat of people who carried the light of the faith of Christ through the most cruel persecutions in the history of Christianity is not considered a feat. As well as the current stand of the UOC for peace, harmony, preservation of the people. Honored journalist of Ukraine Vasily Anisimov told about this in an interview to

Now, if the UOC “led people to the barricades, overthrew Kuchma, Yanukovych, praised some, cursed others, as is customary among the union, sects and schisms, it would be a different matter. Glorified at all intersections. After all, in our country, the winners of political battles always heroize both themselves and those who brought them to power.

Ukraine is a country of double denial of its own history. The Bolsheviks declared the October Revolution the beginning of a new era of mankind, blackened the past, “threw it off the ship of modernity”, keeping a couple of leaflets about the revolutionary movement that led to the establishment of Soviet power, which made “the centuries-old dreams of the Ukrainian people true”.

After the collapse of the USSR, the ideologists of independent Ukraine applied the same method to the Soviet period, retaining the Bolshevik view of the pre-October period. Therefore, in our history, from the tsarist times, there are revolutionary democrats, from the Civil War – the Petliurists, from the USSR – Bandera and dissidents. All the rest did not live like how they should have lived, did not build what they should have built, fought and died for something they shouldn’t have been fighting and dying for,” the journalist said.

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