The OCU media say that the renewal of the registration of the UOC-KP may lead to the revocation of the Tomos

“Filaret’s demands go beyond the logical and reasonable,” according to the publication in “The Spiritual Front of Ukraine”. Moreover, according to the authors, who are close to the OCU, “they can lead to disappointing consequences, such as the revocation of the Tomos of autocephaly, which directly harms not only the OCU, but also the image of the state in the world arena, and, in particular, national security. The officials are well aware of this, therefore they ignore Filaret`s statements and outrages”.

“Filaret does not intend to give up his ambitions, but satisfying them is a direct violation of the law… Any statements by the elder about the violation of his rights are groundless,” the publication continues.

The only thing that can be offered to Filaret and his supporters is to register a new charter. However, this option does not suit Filaret himself.

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