Will there be a schism in the Georgian Church?

Earlier we wrote about alarming events in the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, organized by phanariots. They are threatening her with schism.

Now our Georgian friends are informing us about the alarming situation in the Georgian Church.

We have written many times about the metropolitan of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Peter (Tsaave), who was prohibited from serving.

This is the de facto leader of the opposition to Patriarch-Catholicos Ilia II in the Georgian Church. He was the one who (back in 2018) spoke in support of the Ukrainian schismatics from the “OCU” and insisted in 2019 on their recognition by the Georgian Church. It was he who became the informal leader of the close to the Phanar wing of the episcopate of the GOC, it was he who in 2019 called Patriarch Elijah “the puppet of Moscow.” It was he who decided to acquire the laurels of the Georgian Kuraev. In 2019 he accused the majority of the Georgian episcopate, headed by the Patriarch, of sodomy. However, in Georgia the Catholicos is very popular, he is respected not only by Orthodox Christians, but also by Muslims and other infidels. In fact, today he is the only Primate of the Orthodox Churches around whom the reputation of a revered elder has developed. Therefore, the accusations of metropolitan Peter did not give the technological effect that similar methods give in other countries and caused indignation both in society and in the Church. Metropolitan Peter was deprived of his place, banned from serving and sent to repentance in a monastery.

However, as often happens in such cases, repentance did not work out. Instead, metropolitan Peter became an active guest of the liberal media, where he continued to voice his “accusations.” As it turned out, during his time at the Chkondi cathedra, a kind of intra-church sect had developed around him, which could not imagine the Church without its guru. Many of its adherents, following their leader, actively joined the anti-church campaign. Among them is monk Andrew (Sariya), also already banned from the ministry. It was he, together with Andrey Kuraev, who held a teleconference with the aim of “exposing” the plans of the ROC to “capture Abkhazia”, ​​during which Kuraev called the Church of Christ “a pigsty”.

This behavior of metropolitan Peter and his followers was reflected in the agenda of the last Synod of the GOC.

At the same Synod, metropolitan Stefan (Kalaydzhishvili) was appointed to the Chkondidi cathedra, previously held by Metropolitan Peter. This is the second appointment to the problem department. The previous bishop failed to cope with the task of returning the church hierarchy and discipline to the rebellious diocese.

After the appointment of lord Stephen, he received an ultimatum from Tsaava’s supporters, demanding not to recognize the decision of the Holy Synod of the GOC. Lord Stephen reacted harshly to the ultimatum: he demanded obedience from the clergy under the threat of reprisals. As a result, it seemed that order was restored and only two deacons refused to serve with the bishop. As a result, both were banned. In response, Tsaava’s supporters began to gather in Chkondidi, several hundred people gathered. In the diocesan administration, where representatives of both sides gathered, a conflict arose, which turned into a scuffle and crush. A fence collapsed on the veranda, resulting in injuries. Fortunately, no one died.

At least 8 clergymen of the diocese and a group of monastics refused to obey the bishop. It is possible that Tsaava’s group will secede from the Georgian Church…

These events take place against the backdrop of attacks by phanariots on the Georgian Church, pressure from the US State Department on the Ukrainian issue and provocations in Abkhazia, apparently organized to separate the Georgian and Russian Churches.


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