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Concerning the question of teaching the subject “Fundamentals of Christian Ethics”

A few days ago, news appeared on the Internet that in Ternopil, representatives of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church presented a project called “Catholicism” to teachers in the “Fundamentals of Christian Ethics” subject. The news was commented on by the Chairman of the Representation of the UOC to European International Organizations, Bishop Baryshevsky Viktor (Kotsaba) in his Telegram channel.

“Of course, this event took place with the knowledge of the local department of education, as well as with the active assistance and direct participation of the Ternopil communal methodological center of scientific and educational innovations and monitoring.

Teaching the subject “Fundamentals of Christian Ethics” should be non-confessional and religiously unbiased. They also pointed out that “the religious and cultural space of Christianity in Ukraine is the space in which the Orthodox Church has operated for centuries. Therefore, the lessons on this subject should explain and reveal things that were formed thanks to Orthodoxy. it is already a matter of other subjects that are studied in seminaries and theological schools.”

At the same time, in the case of the presentation of the Greek Catholic project called “Catholicism”, we are also interested in the question of whether Ukrainian teachers would allow the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to hold the same event? Would the local education department allow the priests of the UOC to gather teachers on “Fundamentals of Christian Ethics” and introduce them to a project called, for example, “Orthodoxy”? Moreover, this is not only about Ternopil,” writes Bishop Viktor.

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