Why is Kuraev lying about the situation in Abkhazia?

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The trump card of the phanariots in Georgia and the Georgian nationalists is the alleged intention of the ROC to take Abkhazia away from the Georgian Church. Despite the fact that the ROC has repeatedly stated that Abkhazia is the territory of the GOC. Therefore, the other day, Andrei Kuraev came to the aid of the propaganda of Georgian nationalists.

Georgian bishops and priests have not had access to Abkhazia since 1993, and the Ukrainian brainchild of Phanar “the OCU” was established in 2019. What prevented the ROC from taking Abkhazia in the period 1993-2018? What “10 or even more years” can “existence in this position” drag on? Why is Father Andrei lying, while he knows the Abkhaz situation very well and even lived there for some time?

However, it was Kuraev in 2008 who made a proposal to the ROC’s to take Abkhazia, and this, fortunately, was never accepted. It is also strange to hear from him “revelations” about the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church in Abkhazia. Of course, they are there, at the invitation of the local diocese of the GOC. Without them, there would simply be no one to serve, and Tbilisi is well aware of this and does not interfere with any bans…


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