The hierarch of the OCU proposes to “give time” to the Serbian Patriarch “to become worthy of this throne”

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“Bishop” of the OCU Viktor Bed considers that it is necessary to give a certain time so that the Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovac, the 46th Patriarch of Serbia Porfirije took his position and was able to properly understand it and be suitable and worthy for it… ”. Thus, the representative of the OCU reacted to the statement of the new Serbian Patriarch that the Phanar violated the canons by intervening in the church problem in Ukraine. The scandalous hierarch wrote about it on Facebook.

“Moreover, a certain time will pass, perhaps very quickly, and Porfirije will speak differently or with a different shade, on the same issue… Because he is not the first, and he is not the last…, he behaves similarly…

 Bed also hinted at the hypothetical “recognition and development of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine” and “the proclamation of autocephaly of the Local Churches in North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and even Croatia, or the creation in the future of a new church system and the development of world religions.”

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