The cleric of the OCU said that he attacked the Lavra of the UOC twice and will do it again

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The chaplain of the OCU in the Kyiv regional nationalist brotherhood, the “priest” of the church in Kyiv Sergei Tkachuk that he twice participated in the attacking of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and intends to repeat this action. He wrote it on Facebook.

Thus, he reacted to the assumption whether he intends to go to the UOC with repentance.

“Aha! I attacked the Kyiv Lavra twice and I will do it for the third time! And the enemies of Ukraine and FSC agents in robes will have to repent,” Tkachuk promises.

Also, the representative of the OCU is known for “decorating” the crucifix in his church with the nationalistic red and black flag and a printout of the Tomos.

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