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SBU opened a criminal case against a Ukrainian who criticized the OCU

Near Ternopil, the SBU has prosecuted a local resident for inciting religious hatred due to critical posts about the OCU, Klymenko Time reports.

In the city of Zbarazh, Ternopil region, the police received materials by mail from the Security Service of Ukraine, which pointed to the “incitement of religious hatred” by a resident of one of the surrounding villages. The blame for everything was his posts about the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the newspaper writes.

As reported, information about this was included in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations of the Ternopil RUP GUNP in the Ternopil Region on the grounds of a criminal offense under Part 1. Art. 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

A resident of the village of Noviki, Ternopil region, Mykola Bodasyuk, born in 1985 on his Facebook and VKontakte pages, posted messages that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a lie that should “burst like a soap bubble”.

“… The very same lie called the OCU will burst like a soap bubble at one time …”, “… Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew (Archondonis) himself in the temple of God a gathering of ministers and followers of the self-consecrated groups called the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and he himself surrounded the holy host of self-consecrated himself for the bishops of the Church of Christ, how Satan can perceive the appearance of the Angel of Light … ”- he wrote.

“The SBU saw in these messages signs of humiliation of national honor and dignity of Ukrainian citizens and their religious feelings. But how would it have happened if a person wrote such messages about other church institutions, for example, about the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, one can only guess, “the authors of the article write.

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