The UOC community in the village of Roztoki asks for help in building a church instead of the captured one

The Trinity Church in the village of Rostock, Ternopil Region, is the building of a small trailer where the entire large community gathers for divine services. Unfortunately, this is not the only difficulty and inconvenience she had to face after the seizure of their churich in 2019, reports “Favor” Foundation.

“Today in Rostock they look to the future with faith and hope, because the community has an important stage ahead – the construction of a new church. They have no helpers or sponsors. Hope for God, for your strength and, of course, for the help of caring people. Prayer is the only remedy they rely on.

And the experience of this suffering, but strong spirit of the Orthodox community convinces us that prayer is exactly that important thing that has always been, is, and will be at the center of the life of every parish,” the Foundation writes.

The project of the temple is already ready. The Favor Charitable Foundation has opened a fundraiser for the purchase of necessary materials: bricks, cement, concrete and fittings. To date, collected 49 575 UAH.
The Foundation calls on to support the community of the Trinity Church. If it is not possible to make a donation, you can help with participation: make a repost, disseminate information, tell friends and acquaintances, and this will help you raise the necessary amount to start building the temple.

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