Hierarch of the Phanar was deposed from the cathedra because of his attitude to the Ukrainian church problem?

In the case of the appointment of the metropolitan of Gaul Emmanuel (Adamakis), a possible successor of Patriarch Bartholomew, to the Chalcedonian cathedra, the second most important one in Constantinople,  the figure of the actually deposed hierarch, metropolitan Athanasius (Papas) of Chalcedon, stayed in the shadow of the discussion.

By the decision of the Synod of Constantinople on February 16, the venerable metropolitan (in March he will turn 85), who was also responsible for inter-Orthodox relations, was removed for “anti-canonical activity” and “disrespect” towards patriarch Bartholomew and the Synod, and “ranked among the hierarchs, who no longer serve the Ecumenical Throne.”

The specific reasons for the removal of the metropolitan of Chalcedon were not named, it was only possible to guess.

The Greek site “Cosmodromio” described Athanasius of Chalcedon as a “very intelligent man, not conformist, very far from the new generation of the Phanar clergy.” During the pandemic, the metropolitan began to commune believers with disposable spoons, following, in his understanding, the “principle of oikonomia”, which provoked a sharp reaction from p. Bartholomew… True, according to the Cosmodrome, behind the deposition of Athanasius is his personal conflict with metropolitan Amphilochius of Adrianople (Stergiu) on issues related to participation in the management of Athos.

Meanwhile, according to information in Greek church circles, Athanasius was dismissed because of Ukraine, his proposals to find ways to restore relations with the Moscow Patriarchate and criticism of “Eastern papism”, although he did not go into open conflict with Bartholomew. But this is the main reason.

Unfortunately, the current situation in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, where one small group reigns supremely, is not conducive to hope that sound thoughts will be heard. Although there are still such voices.



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