Breakthrough of the truth in the lair of the OCU

Recently, the hierarch of the OCU (formerly the UOC-KP) Dymytriy Rudyuk gave an interview in the rubble of old radio receivers to one OCU YouTube channel, where he debunked the main wishlist of Epiphany Dumenko – about the transfer of Ukrainian Lavras to the Greek Metropolis of the OCU.

At the time when Epiphany and Yevstratiy are shouting to the whole world that they really need to get the Lavras, because the world will crash, the ruling bishop of one of the largest dioceses of the OCU stated bluntly: he has only TWO monks! Think about it: only two miserable monks!

With these words, Dymytriy publicly smeared Epiphany and Yevstratiy, portraying them as petty manipulators and swindlers. To whom and what to transfer? To give them Lavras with such a personnel potential, it’s like in an old joke: a collective farm has been created, send us collective farmers!

Let’s not deceive ourselves and people!


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