“Expert” accused the UOC of disrupting the European integration of Ukraine

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“Religious scholar” Dmitry Gorevoy shared with the readers of “Radio Svoboda” his “insider”, in which he said that in 2016 the UOC “disrupted” the ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine, agitating the Dutch against the agreement. However, the “expert” forgot to mention that 61.1% of the Dutch who came to the referendum voted against, and the reasons for the negative vote had nothing to do with religion.

“The UOC (MP) actively worked to disrupt the European integration of Ukraine. In 2016, when the last chord of the ratification of the Association Agreement was the referendum in the Netherlands, the church of the Moscow Patriarchate made efforts to break this deal,” the “religious scholar” says.

He is also outraged that representatives of the UOC inform the UN, OSCE and European countries about the oppression of believers, showing “propaganda videos, insidiously provoked and successfully edited.”

In general, in his opinion, the documented facts of the oppression of believers of the UOC and the seizure of their churches are “a targeted information campaign to discredit Kiev.”

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