Ex-president Poroshenko and head of the OCU Epiphany congratulated Patriarch Bartholomew on his birthday

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Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople celebrated his 81st birthday. He was congratulated by both Petro Poroshenko and the head of the OCU Epiphanius. Poroshenko called the head of Phanar “an example of love and mercy that Ukrainians have repeatedly experienced for themselves.” Congratulations are published by Ukrinform.

“For all Orthodox Christians, you have become an example of great service to the Lord, an example of love and mercy that we, Ukrainians, have repeatedly experienced on ourselves,” Poroshenko wrote in his congratulations.

In turn, the head of the OCU said: “Having provided the Tomos of autocephaly, you <…> did not leave our ancient and apostolic in time of foundation, but also the youngest Local Church in the diptych, continuing to sacrificially serve the cause of its growth and recognition by other Sister Churches. For this, you have to endure many unfair and baseless accusations, even verbal attacks filled with malice from those who would like to continue to rely in church affairs on the forces of this world, and not on truth and love.”

Recently, representatives of the UOC communities in Kyiv adopted an appeal to the authorities at the forum “Faithful”, where they addressed to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada their appeal to protect and ensure the constitutional rights of the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to freedom of religion.

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